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I've been very bad about doing journal entries lately. Bad HellZiggy! No Scooby snacks for you!

My mood is much improved from my last post. The burst of post-holiday melancholy has dissipated.

Ok. Christmas. I got all kinds of loot, including (but not limited too): The aforementioned two Eeyores, a fleecy Eeyore pullover, a cool travel bag with wheels, Santa/mom and Santa/dad gave me money, Grandma gave me money, candles w/not too strong smell, postcard set, Eeyore snow globe, hot cocoa set w/mugs & plates, a loaf of potica (which I had to share with Hellbob), and probably other stuff that I am forgeting. I am going to stash most of the cash until I can decide how best to spend it.

It was kinda nice having the work week broken up with Wednesday off! Although Thursday really felt like the Monday from hell. It was made slightly bearable by knowing that it would be followed by Friday. I only work 4.5 hours on Fridays. Yay flex time!

Car fixed! We took the Saturn into the shop this morning and the wonderful chebutykin picked me up at genevra's house to take me to the shop. Warrenties are good things. My car was fixed, I spent no money, I now have headlights at night (as opposed to daytime running lights and fog lights keeping it barely legal), and I got a free car wash at the Mermaid! Free car wash will probably be used to get the Beast From Hell sellable now that we have the title.

Then, after a quick stop at home, it was time to take Gabriel to the vet. We just switched vets because Hellbob thought that Brooklyn Park (Brooklyn Center? the more northern of the two...I can't keep them straight!) was too far away, and my friend was no longer working at the clinic we went to. Several people told us that All About Pets, located less than 5 minutes away, was very good. Mr. Gabe behaved himself very well and took his shots like a man. No rabies or distemper here! And, drum roll please..... he is down to a mere 12.4 pounds! That is 3.4 lbs less than his highest weight of 15.8 (When we got Lump he would push her out of the way and eat her kitten food. Just what a "big-boned" cat needs, growth formula food!) Way to go, Gabe!

Hellbob just took off to go be a geek with the boys. It is LAN party weekend. He will eat bad for him food, drink mass quantities of keg root beer, and play more games than anyone should.

Although he said he would go to my work holiday party, I know he would rather play games, so I found myself a date! Everyone at work is getting a big kick out of the fact that I will be bringing passaddhi instead of my husband. Other than the party tomorrow night I have no weekend plans, although I should either strip the wallpaper paste in the bathroom, or get the Christmas cards ready to mail out...But not tonight! :)

The First Annual HellHouse Slumber Party (tm) is next weekend! Yay! Besides our resident basement dweller, chebutykin , we will also have two vistors from afar: bloodlossgirl & sleepingzebras. And from local parts lexinatrix and cajones. As a special treat for this momentous occasion, we will have a special viewing of the documentary, Hell House! Also, the non-vegetarian types will be treated to that Northern Minnesota delicacy, porketta. There will be a fire in the fireplace, raspberry apple cider in the fridge, and homemade wine. No plans other than just to enjoy ourselves. And marvel at the wonder that is BLG's vampire bunny slippers!

By the way, it disturbs me that my spell check wants to change Eeyore to eyesore!!

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