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Nice relaxing evening at home. hellbob ran over to genevra's house because he needed her to notarize something, but I was just so tired from a long day at work that I didn't have the energy to go with him. It's a good thing I didn't too, since Krystal stopped by while he was gone. She had borrowed the first three Farscape DVDs on Saturday and is already hopelessly addicted. She didn't have our phone number so she just stopped by to return them & I loaded her up with the rest of Season 1.

I've been playing way too much American McGee's Alice lately, but it's really the first game I've had for my mac other than a few random puzzle games, and I don't have anything due tomorrow and Thursday's assignment is already up loaded onto the school's server. So the next thing I have due is on Monday & it will be time consuming but not difficult.

Yesterday I got my written warning at work about my productivity stats. Then today was a meeting with my supervisor to discuss things we can do to improve my times. Again I told her that I do much better when I can work on one thing for a length of time. Every time I have to stop to set up a new batch or change applications it takes me a while to get my brain switched to the new thing. I understand that in the 4 1/2 years I've been there our workflow has changed as they come up with new member benefits, new ways to market our memberships, and automate some of the things we used to enter, but there are still things we get in that I can meet productivity on, and as the workflow has changed, some things I just can't. It has nothing to do with me not trying. I just can't. That's why ADD is recognized as a disability.

I don't think my supervisor has grasped yet that as long as there is work that I can do to their specifications, and my stats fall because they are giving me other stuff, I am legally protected. My supervisors know I have ADD. They have known for several years. The ADA requires them to provide "reasonable accommodations" that don't result in "undue hardship for the employer."

I don't want to have to play the ADA card, but if it comes down to it I will. I have never in my life been fired from a job and I don't plan to let this one be the first. At this point I'm just going to plan on hanging in there until April when I am 100% vested in my 401k employer match & then I'll probably look for something else that will be more compatible with my school schedule. I was going to be up to 5 weeks of vacation a year this January too. That bites. Anywhere else I'm going to have to go back down to 2 weeks. :(

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