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Friday night was haunted house night! hellbob dropped me off at the Asylum & shortly there after chebutykin, cajones, michaellee, (don't know her LJ name) Jodie & I piled into a couple cars & started the evening with dinner at El Loro. Jodie had not yet been introduced to the wonderfullness that is El Loro. You have to love a place where you can get good food and good service for less than $10/person.
After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed over to the St. Paul side of town. We started with Fright Farm and though there was a bit of a wait, it was worth it. Several spots were so dark that you didn't really know which way to go, you just had to creep along hoping you were right. According to those who have gone before, this one changes every year. They also have a really cool hearse, which Moose insisted on having his picture taken on.

Next up was the Tunnel of Terror. It was a bit of an adventure trying to get there, since Cheb forgot the directions at home and we didn't even know the address. Thanks to Modern Technology(TM), (i.e. a cell phone, Hellbob, and Hellbob's high speed internet connection) we got there and got onto the next to last bus down to the caves. We were warned that it was a hour or so wait, but we figured that since we'd put so much energy into getting there we should go. It wasn't really very scary, because you have to hold on to a rope and be guided through, but it gain lots of cool points just through the coolness of being in the caves down by the river. chebutykin is now a vampire, however. We had been told not to touch the actors & they wouldn't touch you, but right before the exit a vampire chick grabbed Cheb & went after her throat. When we got out though the vamp came up to us and she was a friend of Cheb that she hadn't recognized through the makeup.

It was a late night, but lots o' fun!

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