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I have a pain in my stomach and heart like I haven't felt since 9-11-01. Obviously not as bad as that day, but pretty damn bad.
I am disappointed in my country. I just can't fathom how just over 50% of the people can believe that keeping Bush in office is a good thing. I can't believe how much ignorance & hate there has to be for this to have happened.
I feel my vote did count, because Minnesota is Blue on the map. But I have lost faith in most of our country.
Part of me says "Yeah, Vancouver was really nice" but I don't want to move to Canada. Hell, I don't want to move anywhere. I am an American, and current political regiem or not I have always been proud to be an American despite not always being proud of what we do. I like living in Minnesota despite our winters & I want to continue doing so. But damn it! It is now going to be damn hard, if not impossible, for me to say that I am proud of being an American.
Since the word came down that Kerry conceded and it's over I have been fighting back tears as I work.
I just never believed that it would end this way. Right up until the end I was convinced that Kerry would win. That the country wanted change. That Americans would stand up and say no to Bush's war-mongering & pissing off the rest of the world & screwing the little guy & stomping on liberties & civil rights. I was wrong.
And it hurts.

akdar summed up a lot of my thoughts very well here:http://www.livejournal.com/users/akdar/26205.html?view=76381#t76381

Obama in '08 anyone?

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