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Alright kids, it's homework time

Starting next week I'll be working on my final web project for class. We've got six weeks to work on it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do mine on Minneapolis parks, or Hennepin County parks or something similar, since there is enough information out there to get 50ish pages out of it. One of the pluses to doing this is that I can hopefully use a lot of my own photos.
But... It's not a subject I'm overly excited about. I just haven't been able to think of anything really cool. One guy in class is going to be doing his friend's store which sells shoes, sunglasses, etc. One guy is going to be redoing a comic book store site. One girl is doing a site on political activism.
If I come up with a really cool idea in the next week I'll do that (of if y'all can come up w/something I can get excited about), otherwise it will most likely be the park idea.
We can pretty much do what we want, within a few basic parameters. He wants us to have at least 50 pages or so. We have to be able to state who our target audience is and gear the site to them. It can't contain anything offensive or adult-oriented because it will be on a state server. Also, he doesn't want us to do a "this is my portfolio" site.
Ideas anyone? My photos are here if you think you might get some ideas from there.

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