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Home from Wisconsin

After a wonderful weekend I rolled into the house at about 6:30 this evening. hellbob was so filled with glee at seeing me that he offered to rub my feet and feed me bon-bons. Well, ok, maybe not that last part. But he was glad to see me.

A couple quick weekend highlights:

●The same convenient room as last year - the first one down the hall from the bear room.

●Feeling slightly embarrassed as I am checking into the room and I have to write down the name of the other person in the room. Had to admit to the old lady at the desk that I didn't know his last name...Luckily this was a platonic separate beds kind of thing or I would have to feel so ashamed of myself.

●The Roadkills prepared a fabulous taco bar.

●I sat in the hot tub with Monte, chebutykin, cajones, and moneygod. Monte was getting me all hot and bothered with talk of the good deals & rebates on the Canon Digital Rebel right now. Bastard! I want one & we just can't afford it.

●I learned a fabulous game from Nate called Lost Cities. It's a really fast 2 player card game. It involves some math, but no game can be perfect!

●I crashed relatively early Friday night & awoke wonderfully refreshed.

●a Squishy was cuddled!

●I was in pajamas approximately 2.5 minutes from the time I walked into the hotel

●I hopped on up to the casino for a little while on Saturday afternoon and walked out of there $40 ahead!

●My reading material over the weekend was Fray, the future slayer graphic novel by uberwriter Joss Whedon

●Other games learned over the weekend included Girl Genius: the Works and Lunch Money.

●Watching Perrin & Markiee trash talk each other while battling it out in Lunch Money is high entertainment!

●Also played a game called Salad Bowl that Eric invented. Kinda like a combo of Charades and Outburst.

●Nate (he's the one that introduced me to the joy of Killer Bunnies last year) had both the new expansions so the Killer Bunnies deck was HUGE!

●He also informed me that Southdale Games by James has two different limited edition cards that I must fetch. Oh yes, I must fetch them!

●I got to see photos of an actual honest to gosh brain (still in head, during surgery)

●Got to chat with lots of wonderful people including, but not limited to: chebutykin, cajones, moneygod, dddragonlady, 7thstranger, windelina, pied_piper70, alisgray, barda, cleo, lexinatrix, realsarah, geohard, michaellee, frozendragon, gingerpook, gunthar, eowynmn, and of course eldogo(the aforementioned guy whose last name I didn't know.

Do I have to go to work tomorrow????

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