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"Strangely, I feel like staying at home... and doing my homework... and flossing... and dying a virgin."

Didn't accomplish nearly as much on my homework tonight as I wanted to. The 3 classes thing was going alright, but now we're getting to the end of the semester and I've got a slightly large final project for Photoshop, a pretty big final project for Quark, and a frickin' huge project for Dreamweaver. I shall have to be Homework Girl this weekend. I will be getting out of the house a little, but I fear that I shall have to bring Chiana with me to Geek Widows night.
Hey, irish_dragon, you still wanting to do a movie or some such thing this weekend? When? Where? I live in Crystal & I know you are down south somewhere so probably either the Eden Prairie or the Southdale area.
And now I have to go to bed because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. If I fall asleep quickly I could have as much as 5 1/2 hours tonight!

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