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Despite my intestines trying to kill me a few days ago I'm almost done with the semester.
Photoshop - check
Quark - check
Dreamweaver - um, well...

I am all done with my classes. And my finals (in class practicals for Photoshop & Quark, no final for Dreamweaver). And I am done with my final projects for both Photoshop & Quark. All that is left is the website for Dreamweaver. It is coming along slowly. I felt positively brilliant a couple days ago when I figured out that I had put in NO navigation. What? You want to be able to get back to the homepage without the browser's back button? Pshaw! heh. So I built a navigation bar. I also have several more chunks of pages done. I'm really sick of looking at this damn thing! It has to be uploaded to the school's server by 6pm on Thursday.

Tomorrow is the Shopping Day of Doooooooom! AKA the day I use vacation time to do weekday Christmas shopping w/my cousin's wife Janet. A tradition started back when we were Proex minions and both happened to have Tuesday as our regular day off. genevra conned dad & Kathy into watching the twins so she will be joining us also. Luckily my list is rather light this year since hellbob & I spent a fair sized chunk of the Christmas money on Duran Duran tickets!!! We'll be getting paid back for half of that though since kaldeth & kalfoley will be attending the concert with us.

Now I must print Borders coupons in case we stop there. Then, off to bed with me because according to dakegra, the time would now be stupid o'clock!

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