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It's Christmas today!

This has been the longest Christmas ever!
Friday night was our traditional Olive Garden dinner with Art, Marnie & their daughter Zillia. Zillia is still terrified of Rick. We then stopped in at genevra & akdar's to visit for a while afterwards. While there I used the Reader's Digest needlework book to teach myself to knit.
Saturday we went over to the KalHouse to have homemade spaghetti with kalfoley, kaldeth, kalMom, kalBoyChild and kalGirlChild. There was present exchanging and chatting and PlayStation 2 repair and PS2 playing. I got an Eeyore hoodie!
This morning we headed over to Shoreview for my family's Christmas morning. The twins were in just about the cutest Christmas outfits ever!


I can't write anymore. I acquired a splitting headache just as we were leaving Rick's sisters house and I think I am going to die! I'm going to bed now. I'll finish tomorrow.

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