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I'm the worst cat mom ever.

Yesterday hellbob & I had a New Year's brunch over at our friend Jeanine's house and before we left I wanted to take a picture to post of what January 1st in Minnesota is not supposed to look like. I took one picture of the backyard & then opened the front door to take one of the front. Then me & Hellbob left & we went right from Jeanine's over to his sister's house for his extended family's Christmas and to see Gramma one more time before Don & Julie took her back up north.
What with the crappy roads and all we probably got home around 10 pm. As I walked in the door Gabriel came running to meet me, but Lump didn't. And I heard her meowing. I thought she had been dumb enough to wander into the closet and had been shut in there all day. She should be so lucky.
I opened the closet door and she didn't come out and the meowing didn't stop. It was coming from the living room. More specifically, it was coming from the front door in the living room. During the short time I had the front door open before leaving she managed to sneak in there and get shut between the door and the screen without me noticing.
My poor baby had to spend the entire day between the two doors.
Luckily the glass window on the screen was down and when I let her in she wasn't really cold and I'm pretty sure she's forgiven me because she was curled up on my lap a couple hours later and is not showing any ill effects.
But, I'm still the worst cat mom ever.s

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