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Long day with nothing accomplished

The system was down at work. Again. Thank all the Gods they are finally updating it this summer (fall, winter? Who knows how close to schedule they'll be?) because this piece o' crap software needs it! To get to the current version they first have to update all of us from Win 98 to XP because, oddly enough, the newest version doesn't run on 98. Then, after the XP upgrade they will be update our software 7 versions. Yup. SEVEN. This frickin' program doesn't even run in windows in the version we have. Wonder why the system crashes?????

So anyway, at about 12:30ish they told us we could go home & choose whether to use vacation time or take it unpaid. Guess they realized that it was a waste of money to pay us to do busy work.
This worked out good for me because I still needed to deal with the school & prerequisite waivers to try to register for anything outside of the Graphics program. And I have to have at least one more class because I need 6 credits to get my financial aid & without that I can't take the 3 credits I was already registered for.

So I filled out the stupid waiver form & attached a copy of my NDSU transcript that shows that not only did I take Freshman English 101, 102, and 103 but also several literature classes and got A's in most of them. They have an official copy of this transcript in the registrars office, yet the computers seem to think I am incapable of taking any class with a reading ability prerequisite. So I'm pretty sure the waiver form will go through, but I'm not sure there will be available space in the classes by the time it does.

Then I just sat on campus finishing up Dan & Steph's wedding pictures to put them on disk for them & worked on knitting hellbob's scarf, to kill time until the Mon/Wed night class that I wasn't registered for yet & didn't know for sure if I would get into but still had to go to "just in case". Oh, I also stood in line at the bookstore for about 1/2 hour before getting in there and finding out that the Spanish book wasn't just some $30 textbook, but a package w/ a textbook, dictionary & some mp3 CDs for $100, plus the accompanying workbook for another $50. F*ck that! I'm not spending that kind of money until I know for sure I am in the class! Especially since the package deal couldn't be returned if opened so I wouldn't be able to read/use it until I knew for sure I was in anyway.

Anyhow, at about 5:15 I headed upstairs to the classroom. Found it easily enough (This was my first time venturing out of my safe little Graphic Design department for any class) only to discover a sign on the door that said the first class period would be on Wednesday. So I had just wasted about 3 hours of my life waiting for a class I wasn't registered for & wasn't being held. *sigh*

At least I *know* I am in tomorrow's class. And I have the book because I bought it with a coupon at Borders. Yay for discounted school books!

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