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*sigh* School problems

Hellbob's school has apparently ignored every Master Promissary Note he (and I!) have filled out & so his financial aid funds have not come in... For the last THREE QUARTERS! So they blocked him out of his classes because they want $10,000 from us. Ok, sure, just let me write a check...

I am still registered for only one class and I need two. I'll be talking to the Photo teacher tonight to see if he'll sign a waiver for me to get into the Media Production majors only Photo class. I'm pretty sure it can be done because Graphic Design, Electronic Publishing and Media Pro are all pretty closely linked & there's lots of crossover in both classes & students. But if not I'll probably end up taking some boring ass thing like intro to business pass/fail just so I can stay qualified for my financial aid for my illustrator class.

Schools & their bureaucratic red tape are the bane of my existance today. Can I have some alcohol for lunch?

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