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My knee is feeling great. Pretty much no pain in the knee, just a little stiffness. Which is kind of amazing considering that I had surgery on it 8 days ago. However it is still weak and I can't put weight on it when it has more than just a couple of degrees of bend in it.

This is where the problem occurred.

This morning as I was walking (hobbling?) into work I accidentally bent it as I stepped down (31 years of habit is hard to break!). Knee collapsed and thigh muscles immediately responded by tensing up. I swear to *insert diety here* it felt like my leg bent the wrong way. Slowly continued making my way into the building after running through every swear word I know in my head, sat down, took drugs, and prayed that it would feel better.
No such luck. I am 95% sure that I either strained or sprained that thigh muscle. I gimped my way to the bathroom, which they moved last night! Yesterday it was just down a short hallway; today it was something like 2 miles away!! I'm thinking pain affects distance perception. After that the decision was simple: GO HOME!

So I am very happy on Vicodan right now, and my leg is very cold from the ice pack, and Gabriel is laying on my arms between me and the keyboard purring.
It's been a very long time since I had an injury that brought tears to my eyes. But on the bright side, even with this heinous pain, the knee itself still doesn't feel too bad.

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