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This was kind of a lazy weekend for me, because the leg was still a little achy. genevra came over Friday afternoon with Cinnabon's, a teddy bear, and my Waldenbooks paychecks after reading about my injury.

I got a "I wanna die" headache just before picking hellbob up at the bus stop, so I immediately crawled into bed. This was about 5pm or so, and I didn't come back to life until 11:00. But the headache was gone.

Saturday, HB went to a motorcycle show and I just lazed around the house.

Then our friend Art came over with his daughter Zillia to work on his computer. Zillia is about a year old & she is at a stage where she must be with mom and/or dad at all times. When Art had to get stuff from the car she screamed. When Art had to go to the bathroom, she screamed. When Art set her on the floor, she screamed. Cute kid, but LOUD!

Sunday we went to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It was good. We liked it. Mark went with us also, then after the movie he & HB proceeded to take over my computer so they could both kill the Nazi's and such in Battlefield 1942. They died.

Eventually we were far enough into taping the Super Bowl to fast forward our Tivo past the football parts to the commercials. Nothing incredibly outstanding this year, although the Budwiser one with the zebra was good.

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