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Random Ramblings...

Haven't posted much lately.

Not much new in my life. I've got the Minnesota in January hibernation urge going on. I just want to curl up on the couch and knit. I haven't even really been reading much LJ, just quick browsing without commenting much.

Hellbob & I converted from out MicroSoft UltimateTV that we've had for a year & a half to Tivo. Some things we like better, some things we like less. It all evens out in the end. Hellbob was VERY happy when I told him how to turn off the Super Mario-like sound effects. It will be less than half of what MSUTV was per month. It theoretically has twice the capacity and can be hacked to give us more. We haven't had it not record anything we wanted (at least not that we know of). It's mostly a good thing.

I'm back in school. Semester started for me on the 11th with my Adobe Illustrator class. Looking forward to learning the program. Teacher is the one from Quark that I have a hard time focusing on. I tend to tune her out even when trying to pay attention.

Wednesday I have Photo I. Back to basics. I figure it will be a good thing 'cuz I will be able to make sure I'm doing everything right in my darkroom and it will force me to start shooting B&W with my real camera. I've had the digital for two years (or is it three??) and have consequently gotten kind of lazy in my photography because no money is spent on bad pictures.

Tonight is irish_dragon's birthday. (Happy Birthday!!) so I will be meeting her at Borders because we are both book whores & then we will go somewhere yummy for dinner. Yay! Books, food & good company!

We ended up getting a loan to solve Hellbob's school issues. Since we were getting on anyway we got extra so we can finally get Gabe's thyroid nuked. But it means we won't get to see poor nuclear kitty for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks when he goes in. Lump is going to be so happy....until he comes home.

The new software upgrade at work will be happening at the best possible time for me: The beginning of July! So we have to take vacation time on July 1, 6, 7, and 8. Um, ok... I had requested those exact days for vacation back in October but was declined because someone w/more seniority had already requested them. So with the weekends and the holidays I will be off from July 1 - July 10. Happy birthday to me!!

The pond here at work has an aerator so there's always open water & as a result, geese & ducks. (This is how I know more than you should about the Mallard's sex habits...) Yesterday there was one white duck in there with all the rest. I'm not sure if it was a defective mallard or an escaped farm duck. Unfortunately my digital camera is at home plugged in recharging. Fooey. I wanted a picture of oddball duck.

Lunch is over... bye bye

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