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"She thinks Kracker's sexy when the sun goes down..."

So yay! March 12th, Uncle Kracker! At the Excel!
Also, Gretchen Wilson. They're opening for Kenny Chesney.
I have to call Janet tomorrow to confirm for sure if she wants to go. Dawn and lucky13charm both want to go.

How about any of the rest of y'all?

I also still have to decide if I want to buy all the tickets together, or if I want to be super freaky fan girl & buy my ticket singly to get the best possible seat because I'll be able to get way closer buying one ticket than four...
It's not like you actually chat during the music part anyway. I could hang out with everyone else between the acts... lucky13charm, what do you think? We'd still be doing dinner together & everything? Yes, I really am this obsessed with Kracker!

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