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"Hi. Welcome to my office. And we usually reserve this kind of talk for casual sex Friday."

It's Friday! And I got off work at noon! :)
But... tonight's Gear Daddies concert was cancelled due to illness. :(
I hope it's nothing serious. Get well soon Martin, Nick, Billy or Randy!
This knitting thing is quickly becoming an addiction. (shut up, hellbob!)
The hat I made came out cute but too big for me (and I have a big head!) so i want to try another hat. The 4 needle thing was really annoying so i wanted to use a flexible needle for the bottom part up until I start putting in the decreases but the one I have is too long. I remembered my neighbor saying that she had bought a kit of adjustable needles that come with different size needles and different length cables and you just assemble the size you need. So I found them online and they listed the shops, by state, that carry them.
This was a dangerous, bad, bad thing. One of the shops is literally only 2 minutes from where I work. Close enough to run to in my 1/2 hour for lunch. I got the needles, but resisted all the pretty yarn. The shop also wins for the coolest name ever. It's called Yarnzilla. I just have this image of this cute colorful fluffy lizard stomping the buildings in the Opus complex. :)
So yeah, I'm currently working on a scarf for hellbob, a scarf for me, and another attempt at a hat. i will make sweaters some day, oh yes I will. Sweaters with looooooong sleeves for my monkey arms!

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