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I stopped at National Camera on the way home to get the photo paper the teacher wants us to use & to get more B&W film. While wandering the darkroom supplies I found a used GraLab timer for only $30!! These puppies sell new for over $100, but this one is an older model, plus it was cheaper than the used usually are because it doesn't stop when the hands hit 0, which means you can't use it w/the enlarger for your exposure settings, but that's ok. I've already got a smaller one of those that works. But it will work for me to set the minutes when developing film. I always loose track of where I'm at... as in "Have I been doing this for 4 minutes now, or 5?" Which is a pretty important thing to watch when it's less than 10 minutes total!
So yay! It's one of those things that it's always been nice to have but not anywhere close to neccessary enough to pay $120.

This weeks assignment is still getting to know your camera & exposures stuff.

We have to find some kind of motion to shoot (fountain, etc) and take as many shots as our camera allows using reciprocity. Reciprocity is when the exposure is the same but the settings are different, like: shutter speed 1/250 & F5.6 is the same as 1/15 & F22. This is for us to see the differences in depth of field, and in stopping time/blurring movement. Also, we will be able to see which speeds you really can't handhold the camera. Then the rest of the roll is up to us, we just have to bracket every shot. So I've got to think of somewhere with something in continuous movement. Ideas anyone?

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