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What's in your wallet?

dakegra posted a list of all the stuff he found when he cleaned out his bag. He then asked what we had in our bags.
Holy crap I have a lot of stuff!

Here is the list:
Small notebook for school (both my classes don't require many notes)
3 flyers from Michael's Craft store (they each have a 40% off one item coupon!)
The Mar 2005 issue of MacAddict
The book Stitch 'n Bitch
my journal for writing random thoughts, book & music recs, etc
A Canon G3 digital camera (currently with pictures of wild turkeys on the CF card)
A Canon Rebel film camera, 28-80 mm lens
A 70-300 zoom lens
A box of Kodak Plus-X ASA 125, 36 exp film
A box of Kodak T-Max ASA 100, 36 exp film
hellbob's 1098-T tax form from his school
A pay stub from Jan 31 and one from Jan 14
my stuffed moose
a package of disposable vinyl gloves
an extension cord
a PowerBook power cord
an iPod, it's headphones, and it's power cord
My change purse w/about $10 plus odd change, my library card, my checking card, my drivers license & my Caribou Coffee card.
My Handspring visor PDA
one can of diet A&W root beer
a bottle of Ritalin (methylphenidate 10 mg), about 80 tablets
half a book of stamps
a roll of color film to be dropped off for developing
blue highlighter
yellow highlighter
green pen
several black and blue Pilot P-700 ink pens
2 sharpie markers, black
a partially full pack of gum, Extra Winterfresh flavor
a compact flash reader
various hair doodads
mini first aid kit (mostly just band-aids)
and a ball of yarn about the size of a baseball attached to a scarf that is just over 6 feet long & two knitting needles.

This isn't even going into all the miscellany in my wallet such as AAA card & insurance card, etc. Also, I didn't take *everything* out since I'm at work so I could very well have missed stuff.

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