HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

"Ooh, great job man! I really thought you were retarded. I mean, you're better than that Corky kid and he's actually retarded. If there was a retarded Oscar you would win, hands down, kick his ass!"

There is this little award ceremony thing happening on February 27th... the Academy Awards.

I am planning to watch the entire darn thing on my gigantic tv and any of y'all who want to ogle pretty celebrities & mock ugly dresses & cheer for the winners who deserve it & curse the academy for those who don't are more then welcome to come on over!

I'll have munchy type food, possibly crockpot type food and we'll most likely order pizza because it's a good thing to have someone else bring food to you! We've got Tivo so we can pause to eat, and we can avoid commercials.

If you wanna watch the awards with me just let me know so I know how many people to expect.

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