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Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed by the fact that so many stores now make you swipe your own credit card?
It's not like there is a consistant system. Every stores machine is a little different so you have to hunt for the "credit" and the "yes" button every time.
You have to hand them your card everytime anyway for them to check your signature if they have a cashier worth a damn.
I just hate it!
You're the cashier, you deal with my payment!I understand that the keypad is there for people using their ATM cards, but why not just have the customer use it if they need to put a PIN in? I think the majority of people don't, they have the visa/mastercard logo even if it is just a checking card.
I don't have a problem with the signing on the pad, other than the fact that it's almost impossible for your signature to be the same on the pad as on paper.
But dammit! I'm the customer, why am I swiping the card? It's enough to make me start writing checks again!

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