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Ugh. My nose is runny & it's all back of my throat so I have a sore throat. Bleh. But it's better than being stuffed up because at least I can breathe.

I watched both Ray & Maria Full of Grace this last week. They were both really really good. My next Netflix Oscar movie is The Story of the Weeping Camel. notmonochrome, we haven't set a for sure date/time for Aviator yet. I'm guessing that with as busy as your Friday will be that next Thursday works better for you?

In photo class the teacher was telling us about the evils of dust & recommended that we get cans of air to clean our negs. He told us that even though we can get it at a photo store, it is most likely cheaper at someplace like Target. Then he told us that we might get carded while buying it because students in the past have. Then he said "and don't huff it. Huffing is bad" Then he told us that he had a past student who admitted that she used to huff it in high school & that when he found that out, all the pieces fell into place. There is one guy in my class who it wouldn't surprise me at all if he admitted the same thing. He drives me nuts! I'm all for people getting higher education, but damn! This guy cut his contact sheet into strips & was trying to put them in the negative carrier instead of the negative strips. When he was asking some way out there stupid question in class I could tell that John was getting really frustrated. I couldn't be a teacher because that would be the point where I'd be like "How stupid are you?"

Class is still mostly review for me, but I have been learning one or two new things each week. Nothing huge, but at least it will feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

It's kind of sad that I am getting more out of the class that should be mostly review than the one that should be relatively new stuff. Although, to be fair, Barb did have to miss two weeks because her father died less than two months after she lost her mother. I really like her. She's nice. But I just can't listen to her lectures. Her teaching style does not mesh well with my dysfunctional brain. Me & Tom were struggling to keep from laughing during her lecture as we were browsing the Superman is a dick website. The site is super funny, but it is currently down. The front page says "We Killed the Server.
Sweet Jesus CHRIST, we knew it would be popular, but 172 hits a second? A SECOND? That's just madness. Especially since it's only been two friggin' days.
Working on a solution to this problem. In the mean time, we're certainly open to suggestions."

Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something? Do I have any plans for this weekend?

I've got room for 5 more user pics right now. Any suggestions?
I think I might need a photography icon of some sort. Also possibly a school one.

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