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Bad Hellziggy, no Scooby snacks for you

I never did get into the darkroom today, due to the aforementioned Sideways viewing. For some reason genevra really wants to see the pictures I took of her adorable little twins. They are 8 months old today!

Tomorrow morning I will be off to skulk in graveyards. Just one graveyard actually. Lakewood Cemetery over by Lake Calhoun. I'm gonna shoot one of my photo assignments there.

Our DVD player died. :( Apparently if you Google for "Panasonic dvd H07" you find that the surprising thing isn't that it died but rather that it didn't die a year ago! Luckily we have a spare because we bought one for $25 the day after Thanksgiving.

Now my two glasses of wine at dinner are telling me to go to bed. And to swig some Nyquil. But not green death flavor.

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