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Why I hate Stephen King

The f**king bastard is psychic!
I listen to audio books at work & this week it was From a Buick 8 by Stephen King.
Thursday, when I got to work, there was this god-awful smell from hell. It smelled like rotten food & it permeated through our entire part of the building. Being a big fan of mysteries & forensics I knew that I needed some Vick's vaporub. In the absence of that, Mint chapstick came in at a close second. I put some under my nose & was able to stand being there because I smelled mostly mint rather than rotting food. The occasional whiff of rot came through still, but it was bearable.
So I started working, and was listing to the book.
Then, in the book, SK starts describing a smell that is a combination of rotting cabbage and peppermint. Esenstially the exact same smell I had been smelling all day! It finally got to the point where I had to stop listening. Smell-o-matic books are bad, VERY BAD!
F**king bastard!!

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