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HR meeting didn't go as well as I hoped. The chick gave the whole "Well why don't you just try harder?" But, they did give me more leeway for the punching in/out time. I think because they know that if my productivity keeps sucking it won't matter anyway. I got the same story from P. that I always get about how they can't control what work is available so I won't always be able to do the stuff I'm good at so I'll just have to get better at the other stuff. *sigh* I'll be going through the excel file of my times & productivity levels in each individual application so that P. & M. can have a list in order of my best to worst so that of each days stuff they can give me the best one available.
I also need to remember to ask M. if P. has ever talked to her about what work to give me, because I really don't think she ever has.
I went in today very optomistic and left convinced that I need to start job-hunting becuase I could be fired any day now.

So to cheer myself up I bought Angel S5 on my way to school tonight.

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