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Let's talk turkey...

Here's the StarTrib article on the turkeys I saw last week. I was right about it being 2 males & 2 females.
And in case you have to log in to read STrib articles here's a cut & paste of it:

They're the gobble of Golden Valley

Jim Adams,  Star Tribune
February 12, 2005 TURKEY0212

A brood with attitude has strutted into the heart of Golden Valley and made itself right at home.
The two turkey hens and two toms have so far shown a brazen disregard for authority, pecking at police bumpers and car tires of anyone trying to shoo them off city streets.
Their favorite spot to hang out seems to be Duluth Street from Byerly's near Hwy. 100 to the SuperAmerica at Douglas Drive. "They are utterly fearless," said SuperAmerica manager Jay Hanson. "They know they have the right of way."
The turkeys are likely a mix of wild and domestic fowl raised as pets and released, said Ed Boggess of the state Department of Natural Resources' fish and wildlife section. Residents say the birds appear to roost along Bassett Creek, which flows through a woodsy neighborhood.
Golden Valley turkeys
"People feed them and talk to them and gobble at them. It's kind of fun," said resident Walter Langfellow.
The turkeys also perch on a thick power line behind the SuperAmerica.
"Sometimes there's three or four of them sitting up there," said Sgt. Denny Arons. "They look like oversized footballs."
The fowl four, which showed up last summer, recently returned to the Byerly's parking lot, pecking cars and attracting the usual lunchtime gawkers. They'll even fan their feathers at persistent gawkers.
"They walked around like they owned the place," said Byerly's manager Bob Muehl. "They are very bold."
So far they haven't caused a problem other than traffic tie-ups, Arons said. "Our goal," he said, "is to coexist peacefully with the turkey population."

I have to say, I got better pictures! :)

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