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Today's good things:

I made it to work on time. That's 3 out of 3 so far this week!
Bill gave me a free iTunes bottle cap.
The turkeys are still hanging out in Golden Valley. This amuses me.
The week is half over.
I love hellbob
Movie plans are in the works to see The Aviator with notmonochrome (and we're even going to let the boys come with if they want to)
This semester's classes are soooper low stress
I own Angel Season 5 & all its Angel/Spike flirting bickering glory. And it has Puppet!Angel.

The bad:
I am still coughing up little baby aliens from my lungs. The DayQuil has not scared them off yet. Shoo! Go away! You shall not conquer Earth! You can have Mercury. It's kind of boring anyway!

*note: this post is subject to future updating as more good or bad occurs.

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