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Yes, I'm still here...

It's been forever since I've actually posted anything!

I have the bestest hellbob in the world! When I dropped him off at the bus stop this morning he said "look in the back seat when you get to work" So of course I peeked back there as I was driving... didn't see anything. When I got to work & didn't have to do silly things like watch the road, I took a better look and found a purple Bachman's bag behind the passenger seat. He got me a plant! :) I had specifically told him not to get me cut flowers, cuz they are SOOOO overpriced at V-day, and then they just die on you anyway. So now we'll see how long I can keep this one alive.

I got a digital camera! Yea! I had the winning bid on Ebay for a Canon G3. Yea! It retails for $800, and there was no way I was gonna pay that much! UPS tracking said it would be here on Monday, but it arrived today! Yea! 1/2 hour before I got home (on the one day I get off work early) Not Yea! So now I am awaiting a return call from UPS to inform me of when I can pick it up at their distribution center. It is waaaaay over on the other side of town near 35W & hwy 36. So if it will be there this evening, we can just stop on our way to Tom & Lisa's house cuz they are over there just north of that in St Anthony. If not, then I will have to drive all the way to the other side of the cities on Monday just to get it. I want my camera!!!

Double date tonite for V-day. Tom, Lisa, hellbob, and I will be going to dinner, then catching Daredevil (Ben Affleck..... *sigh* ), and then depending on if we feel too old or not, going to catch Nick's band Filthy Divine at the Lab.

After my cleaning spree a couple weeks ago which resulted in the discovery that my desktop is wood, not paper as was previously thought, I then attempted to clean the craft room. I only put a small dent in it before it was time to go out last Saturday, so that shall be tomorrow's Big Project (tm). HB & I have waaaaayyy to many comic books. The comic boxes are starting to take over the closet in there. We need to find a good place to store them that also offers easy access to get at them for reading. arg. I also need to bring Comfy Green Chair (tm) out of there, because the recliner in the living room is dying.

Hooray for TurboTax. It didn't take very long at all to do my taxes last night, and that's with all the house stuff and deductions and everything! We get money back! We could get lots of money if we had a dependent. Do cats count? Do you suppose the IRS would believe us if we said chebutykin was our dependent? :)

Now I must go make dinner reservations for tonight!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!!!!

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