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Long day...
Have to go back to work tomorrow. I had two vacation days & accomplished no house cleaning (and it has to be done before Sunday afternoon...) but I did homework.
Mostly photo stuff, some illustrator.
Also, it's not so much a relaxing day off when you have school that night.
But, I was away from work which was very much needed although I did have a good day on Monday.

On Monday I kicked ass on productivity, getting over 12 hours of work done in only 9 hours! Yay! If I get a few more days like that then P. should definitely start listening to me about what kind of stuff i can & can't do. Also, the more days I have like that, the more documentation it gives me for if they do try to pull any more crap about my productivity while not offering me reasonable accomodations.

I have an appointment to go in to the ADD clinic again to be re-evaluated. Of course it will still say I have ADD, but it's been 7 years since my initial diagnosis & ADD in adults has been much better researched since then. Also, it will give me a newer doctors report for me to have HR put in my file. I'm also betting that since this is the only ADD clinic in the Cities pretty much that they will have more experience in employer responsibilities & accomodations so they'll be able to give me some ideas there. The down side is that the first available appointment they had was in May. The end of May. Damn! 3 months! That's longer than it takes to see a new shrink. You have to be really patient to be crazy becuase it takes forever to get any kind of psych appointment.

Hey, E, Speaking of ADD, I found that card for free Adderall, so I will bring it on Saturday in case you will be there. If not I can drop it in the mail to you.

And now, even though I'm not sleepy, I'm gonna try to go to bed because I have to be in to work at 7 am tomorrow. ugh.

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