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"I grew up in a nice house... Until the IRS got all huffy about my folks not paying taxes for, well, ever."

The bad: It's 1:42.
The good: My taxes are done & e-filed.
The bad: As usual, didn't qualify for a property tax refund.
The good: This is because although we essentially live in a nice Golden Valley neighborhood, we are technically in Crystal & so have lower property taxes.
The good, pt 2: As I was figuring out that we don't get a refund I saw the special refund clause if your taxes go up a certain percentage & ours had done that last year. We have until August to file & so didn't miss the deadline.
The bad: special refund is miniscule.
The good: $41 from the government is better than $0 from the government.

But regular taxes: YAY! Paying extraordinary amounts of tuition has some benefits, other than that whole edumaction thing.

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