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It was a really long weekend, and it was really short...

The weekend started on Friday with me heading on over to the airport Marriott for MarsCon. I'd done a little bit of browsing & wandering when 7thstranger saw me & squealed "someone I know" and the two of us proceeded to explore the "oh my god, this isn't rad south" hotel & convention. The opening ceremony skit was amusing "Sith eye for the Jedi" Guests were introduced & then we proceeded to wander some more. I ended up wandering & conversing until about 11:30, when I headed home. scubagrrl, I saw baby brother. He was with Allison.
Heading home at 11:30ish, I ended up pulling in just a few minutes after sleepingzebras and his friend Nathan. They crashed here and we made lunch plans for the next day. i got up fairly early on Saturday (for a weekend!) and took off back to the not-rad south. I got pictures of Moose by Proxy (real Moose was in Mexico with Jeanine) with Richard Herd, Jeremy Bulloch and Herb Jefferson Jr. I left the hotel in time to meet sleepingzebras, Nathan, & hellbob at Sushi Tango in Calhoun Square for lunch. I was showing them the autographed photos & the one of Boba Fett signed by Jeremy Bulloch was on top. Our waiter earned extra geek points when seeing that because he didn't say "Boba Fett" at all, he said "oh, is that Jeremy Bulloch?" Geek!
After lunch hellbob & i came home to pack a change of clothes for tomorrow & started our trek up north. We got to Chisholm at about 7:30 or so, and headed straight to the Moose Lodge where the Foley clan was gathered. Things were winding down a little & we decided it was time to go to the bars. We never did see any movie people because they were out of there before the Foleys gathered. The block that the Moose was on was pretty much the only one in town with big piles of snow along the sidewalk. Apparently it had been hauled in for filming & then a layer of Hollywood snow was put on top so that it would be white instead of dirty. We noticed this as we were walking across the street from one bar to another. The slush on the street was actually foam!
We drank with the Foley boys & spouses until the bars closed & then headed into Hibbing to hellbob's dad's apartment. Where we discovered that although hellbob had grabbed all the keys in the kitchen drawer, none of them were for the apartment.
We thought about getting a hotel room but the Super 8 was full up, so we just headed home instead. *Note to God: If I'm going to be awake for the entire darn sunrise, could you please make it one of those super pretty spectacular ones? K? Thanks.*
We crashed pretty much right after getting home & slept until noon-thirty-ish.
That was our weekend.

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