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This post is mostly for myself to keep track of my assignments...

Assignments for Photo Class:

Due March 23rd
2 enlargements

1. Compositional Abstraction
- subject isn’t relevant
- abstraction to a degree
- it’s all about composition
- more aware of lines, value, shapes, balance, symmetry, spatial ambiguity, texture, light, depth of field & film grain

2. Domestic Metaphor
- photograph of a symbol, document, thing which stands for something more.
- how a figure interacts with it’s background
- suggests a larger idea
- objects in your house
- represents your home, your domestic life
- objects everyone will recognize – avoid esoteric & personal things
- boring things but not boring photos
- utilitarian objects work well
- photograph so that they are no longer boring and common
- visual hierarchy, vantage point

Due April 6th
3 enlargements

1 & 2. Editorial. One complaint/negative, one positive
- photograph as a document
- respond to your environment
- editorial documents
- reflection of surroundings
- look at common surroundings
- framing, vantage point, quality of light, film grain

3. Night Exposure
- must be nighttime
- must be outside

Due April 20th
3 enlargements

1. Self Portrait
- I have to be recognizable
- I can use someone to take the picture as long as the camera is set up & I set the focus/exposure. The other person is simply to push the button.

2. Environmental Portrait

3. Street Portrait
- people you don’t know
- preferably without them knowing
- stick to public places
- set focus at about 8 feet

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