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Friday was spent relaxing at home.

Saturday I ran out to the Minnesota Zoo for a couple hours. The two baby girl tigers are so big! I spent quite a while watching them & taking pictures, both color digital for me and B & W for my class. I sat down in front of the glass to take a picture and was very pleasantly surprised to find that the ground was heated! I saw wolves & lemurs too.
Here's a picture of cub #11144, aka Lana:

and another one:

and I'm pretty sure this one is also Lana, but it's hard to tell w/o a front shot of her face:

That whole stone area is heated both inside & outside the glass! Yay!

More pic from Saturday are at: dreamflyte.com

The 3 wolves slept the entire time. Boys are lazy. :) All the girl wolves are currently out of there.

Jeanine came over Saturday night & showed us pictures of her trip to Mexico & she brought us back all kinds of cool things! I want to be on a warm beach right now! And of course, all the talk about Mexico got us craving Mexican food so we went on up to El Loro. Yummy!

Today hellbob & I headed on over to genevra & akdar's house to babysit the twins so they could go to a movie. I have the cutest niece & nephew ever! And they crawl now!

After we left their place hellbob & i headed downtown & I took some more pictures for my class. Tomorrow night I get to develop the film to see if I've got anything good for my assignment that's due in a week & a half!

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