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Nothing to report here

I'm at work & it's lunch & I'm bored.
But it's my short day! Only 4 more hours. It's only short by 1/2 hour due to my photo class being at 5:00 instead of the usual 5:30 for night classes, but it's spring break so I'm not going to class... Instead I'll head home & right down into the basement to work on pictures before heading out to Geek Night(tm) at Fudds. The school darkroom is open late tomorrow w/special spring break hours so I'm contemplating going there to print tomorrow. It's $2.50 to park, but I don't have to use my own chemicals (I have no idea how much money that really saves) so I won't have to deal with fussing with them.

It's March Madness!
Warning: for the next couple weeks I'm actually going to care about college basketball. I only care when I'm in a pool and have a chance at scoring the big bucks. Of course, my picks are all uneducated: "Gonzaga is a funny word, I pick them. U. Conn? Yukon Jack is my favorite alcohol, I pick them." So I may not care anymore by the 3rd round when I'm out of the running!

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