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"You just don't like him 'cause of that time he beat you up every day for five years."

I'm just 2 weeks from my five year anniversary at work. This is a first. I have never even hit the 4 year mark before, let alone 5.
Unfortunately review time also means filling out the frelling self-assessment form. For someone with a consistantly low self image this really is a form of torture. In addition, this really was my worst year ever in terms of attendance (lateness issues) and productivity. After four years without one I've had two HR written notices this year. The sad thing is that when I have work here that I'm good at I really do like my job. Not love, but I do like it.
The last few months have had me looking really hard at my ADD & how it really does affect my life. Things seem to have gotten much better since my last HR meeting when I laid out even more specifically to P. how the ADD affects my work, and also gave her printouts of the statistics on my work that I had been tracking since October. There have been a few days that I still get crap work & my times go down the drain but they have been better overall I think.
I just usually dread reviews because I always expect the worst & I'm afraid that this year I'm not just being paranoid.

And yes, this post started because I was procrastinating on the self-assessment. HATE HATE HATE the frelling things!

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