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The things you find at tent sales...

I ran into my friend Scott today! He was hard at work pedaling Canon cameras & supplies at the National Camera Exchange tent sale!
I met Scott when he worked in the convienience store at one end of the strip mall I was working in. He was also really into photography, agreed that the Gear Daddies had been one of the greatest bands ever & it turned out he lived about 6 blocks from me. Not so strange until you factor in that we were both working on the opposite side of the city, 1/2 hour or so from home...
After we had both quit those jobs & I moved out of that neighborhood into my house I would just randomly run into him every few months. I went to the darkroom at MacPhail for a class I was taking. He was there. I went into National Camera for a photo reprint. He was there.
I couldn't just run into NatCam quick to pick something up, cuz if he was working it was a half hour conversation, minimum. Last time I saw him he was going to go to China for school. Then he wasn't working at the store anymore either. So until today I hadn't seen him for...God, must be a year at least. Turns out he's been working at the downtown location. But of course, our weird kismet had to have him at the tent sale today when i stopped in, cuz he only has 10 days left before he starts a new job.
And he's married now! He's been dating the same girl the whole time I've known him, and he told me all about the engagement one of the last times I saw him. Very romantic. He proposed to her at Midnight, New Years Eve in Central Park. Or maybe it was Christmas Eve. Either way, very cool & romantic.
It was just so cool to run into him again. Unfortunately the insanity of Tent Sale prohibited much chatting, but when we have our next BBQ I'll definately have to call & invite him.
Hellbob & I were also hitting garage sales this morning, but that was pretty much a bust. The only booty we found was an over-the-door flip down type ironing board. I hate ironing! Maybe I'll be more likely to do it if I don't have to set up the board... Yeah right!
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