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So, as you've probably gathered from my previous post, I had a good time at the concert last night! *grin*
I don't have much of a voice today, but that is probably equal parts screaming & snot monsters.
Well, what has hellziggy been up to lately?
Saturday hellbob & I headed over to oed_1 & freyjakj's place in Chaska to help them pack for their big move to the East Coast. There was a whole crew there & we got a huge chunk of their stuff all packed up & ready for the movers. If I ever move again I think I will coerce my minions into packing for me because it went so fast!
Sunday was lazy day around the house. J called and we went down to her place to get her & then to Pepito's for dinner. Yum! Different than El Loro but just as yummy! I can't believe I ever used to think Chi-Chi's was good Mexican.
Monday I went back to the Lakeside Cemetery to reshoot a photo assignment that I hadn't been too happy with. There was some improvement, but still overall not happy. I just really hated that assignment! After shooting there & a little bit by the river at St. Anthony I headed home & developed the film (correctly, even).
Yesterday was the big day.

I finally saw Duran Duran in concert!! I was only about 20 feet from John Taylor!!!

Yeah, it didn't suck!
I started my morning in the darkroom because I had an assignment that was due today. I got some prints done & then *poof*
The enlarger's light bulb blew out. Doh! No more printing!
So I got ready for the concert, warned hellbob that we had to stop at National Camera on the way.
After our pitstop to get my light bulb we headed to the KalHouse to fetch kaldeth & kalfoley. We stopped at the school to drop off MiddleChild for her school play and braved traffic to the scary world of St. Paul. Dinner was at Axel's Bonfire with J & M also in attendance. The food was AMAZING! And, bonus, I managed to eat my prime rib without any airway obstruction! (This was my first time eating any kind of steak since the choking incident)
After dinner it was time to hit the X! There may be places where you can save a little money parking, but not many so we just went for the convenience factor & parked in the RiverCentre ramp. We missed most of the opening band - VHS Or Beta - but that's not who I was there to see anyway. After my preemptive bathroom strike I saw some familiar faces hanging out. It was 7thstranger, cleo, romeoa & mattmn. After chatting for a bit we headed on down to our seats to get ready for the show.
The show was so awesome! They played a pretty even mix of both old stuff & the new. They all still looked good. I'm pretty sure Simon has sold his soul to the devil because I don't think he's aged in the last 15 years. You could tell that John's hair had receded just a titch, and he had a few wrinkles around the eyes, but damn! He still looked good!
I had my digital camera with & filled the CF card. I was taking the pics on highest quality so I got about 60 or so pictures. Some are blurry but some came out really good! kalfoley was also taking pictures so I'm planning to trade with her.
After the concert we hit O'Gara's for a couple rounds before deciding that we really are old and it was time to head home.
Unfortunately I had neglected to drink any caffeine yesterday so I got a Mtn Dew during the concert that held the headache back, but then by the time we were home it was in full swing. So I uploaded a couple pictures quick and drugged myself to sleep. Today was spent in the darkroom again and then at photo class. We got our midterm tests back and I got an A! Only one point off and it's the one I knew I hadn't gotten. Yay!
And our final project should be fun. We have to do a series of at least 5 prints with the pictures being related somehow whether by theme or subject or style. It's completely up to us. I'm thinking about doing either nature closeups, or possibly more zoo pictures. If I do zoo pics I'll try to do close up there too, like I did with the tigers. I definitely would want all the pics to not show any fences or manmade structures.
Now I have to go to work tomorrow. *pout* Don't wanna! But then Friday is a holiday so I'll have a 3 day weekend.

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