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I'm back up to 20 free songs from the Apple Store and I don't know what to get!
I prefer songs with words rather than instrumentals, and because I listen at work a lot & I've got this whole ADD thing going on upbeat songs are better than ballads.
To give you an idea of what I like, some of the ones I've gotten lately either on CD or from iTunes that I really dig are:
Duran Duran, Bedroom Toys
Ash, Vampire Love
The Zutons, Pressure Point
Buddy Holly, Everyday
Great Big Sea, Ordinary Day
Super Cat, My Girl Josephine
George Michael, Monkey
Old 97s, Victoria
Tegan and Sara, Walking With A Ghost
Simple Kid, Staring at the Sun
Big & Rich, pretty much the whole darn album
The Young Dubliners, Knickers
Indigo Girls, Shame on You
Warren Brothers, Between the River and Me
Murray Head, One Night in Bangkok
The Presidents of the United States of America, Tiki God

Some of these I only have the one by the artist, some I have more. So if you think there's a different song by one of them that I would really like feel free to suggest that too. Even if you're not sure I'll like something go ahead and throw it out there, 'cuz I'm all about using these free songs to find new stuff!

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