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"This is Chevalier, Montage, Detente, Avant Garde, and Deja Vu."

For the subject of my Bronco post I almost used this Family Guy quote: "Oh no. I knew a guy who bought a used car through a newspaper. Ten years later, BAM! Herpes."
I went with the other one and not even an hour later, which Family Guy shows up on tv? Yup, the used car one...

I really didn't get too far on my homework...
But I did clean up my assorted crap that was all over the loveseat in the living room. And washed three loads of laundry. And emptied the cat's poop box.
But no finished assignments. D'oh! Looks like I will be homework girl tomorrow. And I will take my computer to the dining room table away from the Giant TV Of Doooom!
Because these assignments were technically due before spring break. And I didn't go to class last Tuesday. Teacher understood the importance of 4th row Duran Duran tickets. But this means I have to finish them up by Tuesday.
The four chapters in the Illustrator book that they correspond to are "Working with Placement and Order of Objects", "Applying Appearance Attributes, Styles, and Effects", Working with type", and "Blending Shapes & Colors"
The sucky thing about the way she does the class is that for each chapter we are supposed to work through the exercise, then she wants us to come up with our own design using the same tools & techniques that we just learned.
The problem is that it's not that tough a program and I've already had photoshop so I'll be doing a chapter and after finishing it I'll go a couple chapters and "learn" a technique I've already been using. The stuff we create is supposed to be becoming more complex and in depth as we go along but I feel like I'm just doing the same thing over again. Plus it's hard to come up with ideas just right off the top of my head that I can do and will fit that particular chapter's lesson.
I'm soooooo glad she's an easy teacher because this would drive me insane if I also had to satisfy a teacher who was picky enough to want an example of every single little detail in the chapter.

I should really combine my need to do homework with my need for more LJ icons & use my assignments to make some. "But teacher, I had to do everything at 100x100 pixels!"

OK. Going to bed now. Yup. Really I am. And it's not quite midnight yet. I'm either going insane or tomorrow is the start of my 7am week at work this month. Ugh. And after having to only work one day last week too...

p.s. No one has paypal'd $2500 to me yet. What are you waiting for?

p.p.s. Hey, kokopellinelli, look! I still remember how to make small type!

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