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attacked by vampires, again....

Escaped with only one small puncture wound and two pints low on platelets. Not nearly as nasty as the vamps on Buffy. The vamps at Memorial Blood Centers are actually quite nice, for bloodsucking evil undead types. :)=

I watched Manhunter while I was being drained. It's weird. It's like watching "C.S.I., the Early Years" William Peterson looks so darn young. Of course it was filmed almost 20 years ago!

hellbob and I went to IHOP for dinner! I just learned today that we have IHOPs here in town now, and one is nice & close at Brookdale! Strawberry pancakes make me smile.

I will be making a brief appearance at Marscon tomorrow as a lunch delivery person for genevra. This will also give me a chance to cruise around the dealer's room to see if the is anything really cool.

Then, tomorrow evening, I am off to the Toby Keith concert at the Target center with my cousin Janet. This will be a good chance to see how the new digital camera does in such situations.

My page a day calendar is the 365 dogs one, and the one I read today says that dogs are no longer allowed to visit Antarctica. But there was no explanation of why.

I learned a neat trick the other day. When you are on your friends page if you type the word friends again at the end of the address bar, you get a friends of friends page. And it doesn't duplicate your friends so if a friend has a friend that you also have that persons stuff doesn't show up, cuz it does in your friends.

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