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I'm about an hour away from becoming a zombie...

Damn it was a long day & I'm tired & I'm gonna go to bed now.

So I was at work from 6 to 6 today. With a half hour for lunch that should be a 11.5 hour day. Wrong. They bought us lunch today. Yay. But when we gathered on the patio to eat it we were told not to punch out. We also had a short mostly useless meeting. When that was done there was only about 5 minutes of the half hour left. It was a meeting. It shouldn't count for our unpaid lunch hour, right? (We're all hourly, not salary) Wrong. We're told that we didn't punch out because she was just going to send a edit form to HR for the 1/2 hour.
So I have to put in 11.5 fucking hours and I don't even get my goddamn lunch hour to relax, decompress, real LJ, work on my laptop, etc. Grrrr. "Here's lunch to thank you for all your hard work and overtime. Now screw you."
Is that even legal to consider the meeting our lunch break when the law says we get a 1/2 hr unpaid break???

In other work related news, those of you who have been paying attention know that I've been struggling with my productivity levels at work, due mostly to them giving me work that I can't handle with my ADD while giving other people the stuff I'm good at but they hate. This has gotten much much much better in the last few weeks. I think P. finally talked to M. about what work to give me!
But, today I started the day with stuff that I normally do right at the required speed. Unfortunately I started the day at 6 am. Anyone who knows me knows that I. Am. Not. A. Morning. Person. The fact that my alarm started going off at 4:30 is a very very bad thing.
When this week's mandatory overtime was announced on Tuesday the only way I could get my four hours in without sacrificing my ONE Friday this month that I get to leave at noon was to go in at six o'fucking clock Wed & today.
My productivity numbers show that not only do they not get their money's worth out of me that early, but it slows down my entire day. Even with the magic Ritalin pills I still felt like I was trying to walk through quicksand all day.
By looking at my average times on the stuff I did today & comparing it to how much I got done I believe that they actually lost work from me rather than gaining extra hours. By their required productivity stats I did about 5 hours of work today. If I had come in at my normal time (and gotten almost 2 hours more sleep) I would have probably done about 6 1/2 to 7 hours of work based on my normal speed on the stuff I had (I ended the day with crappy stuff I'm slow at normally)
But at least I've had several days this month where I did between 9 & 12 hours of work in my 8 hour shift so there should be an improvement on this months stats.

Why, yes, I am cranky today. Why do you ask?

Bleah. Tomorrow I leave work at noon! And by that I mean I will be sprinting for that fucking door!!! This has been a hellaciously long week. *sigh* but I won't really get to enjoy my afternoon off. I'll get to spend it in the auto shop because hellbob wants the new Bronco checked over & tuned up. *sigh* I know this is something that has to be done & that doing it on my afternoon off makes sense, but right now all I want to do is go to the zoo & sit in front of the tiger exhibit for an hour or two and watch Nika & Lana play. I'll probably go do that on Saturday but then I'll have to put up with everyone's bratty kids. :(

edit: Got an email from our supervisor today: "Lunch was on us yesterday.  You will be paid for 30 minute meeting/lunch we had yesterday."

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