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Linktastic! Or as minervacat puts it, "Random crap wot I found on the internet"

Yup, another link post!
1. This one is for a company that makes shredding machines. Not your $15 paper shredder that you buy at Target. No, kids, we're talking about shredders that start at $30,000. They can shred things like couches & refrigerators & cast iron. And they put videos of the shredding on their site!

2. This one was kind of disturbing. It apparently doesn't matter at all how you sign your credit card...

3. This is the online photo album of someone named w00kie. These pictures were really cool and I will probably be converting to one of those nifty screens on Chiana soon. I will post the pictures when I do.

4. Are you a fan of Desperate Housewives? How about Desperate Houseflies??

5. This one is stolen from someone on my friends list but I don't remember who... It's a comparison of Sin City comic panels up against the shots from the movie. This movie was frellin' amazing!!

6. I believe I got this one off WWdN. Either that or from Neil I've never actually been to New York City, but with Overheard in New York I can pretend I have.

7. This one comes from www.neilgaiman.com. It's about stuff in comics that is very blatently wrong.

8. And last, but certainly not least, my new favorite thing for my laptop. *note* If you are using anything but a Mac Laptop this one just won't matter to you! (and you are on an inferior machine, so there!). It is a trackpad driver modified to add the two-finger scrolling capability to pre-2005 PowerBooks & iBooks on OS X 10.3. there is a script on the page also that will check to see if your machine is supported.

*edit* While browsing the zug.com site (Link #2) I was reading the first Credit Card Prank. The dude shows his actual signature which he also describes as looking like: "the signature of a monkey on crack.", "that of a homeless clown", "it was drawn by an unusually talented chicken", "it was drawn by a freebasing weasel", and "it was drawn by an epileptic ferret". So this guy has a thing for giving animals drugs to see what their handwriting would look like. Also, since all the other descriptions include animals I am going to assume that he does not believe clowns are human.

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