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The fall schedule for school came out. There are 4 classes in the Graphic Design department that I have the requisite prereqs for. None of them are possible with my current work schedule.
Because they are on Tues & Wed I am hoping that I can convince the management at work to let me work a flex schedule. I don't think anyone in the department will really be upset at me leaving early on a Tuesday if they know that I am going to a class rather than just plain leaving work. Especially if it's not a Friday.

So, the 4 classes & their dates/times are:

GRPH 1520: Layout and Design 2 Tues 1:00-4:40
This course covers advertising layout techniques using fractional, full-page and spread layouts. It also covers non-advertising print areas from single to multiple page layouts. It includes assignments and critiques of projects rendered as comps and mock-ups.

GRPH 1540: History of Graphic Design Weds 1:00-4:40
This course explores graphic design through the ages, identifying important design elements, movements, innovators and applications, as well as the impact of graphic design on life and culture from signage, publishing to packaging. The course will include gallery/studio tours, video presentations and guest speakers.

GRPH 1560: Print Production 1 Weds 8:00-12:30
This course covers the basic materials, methods, and mechanical processes necessary to the production of print-ready publications and other print media. Students learn the language of print production, are introduced to the studio skills/equipment, work with a computer/laser printer/scanner, and produce one/two-color projects. Students learn the fundamentals of paper specifying, print buying, proofing and meeting and managing production deadlines.

GRPH 2101: Typography 2 Tues 1:00-4:40
This course is a continuation of Typography I and provides specific experiences that focus on the technical and aesthetic issues of typographic form in communication design. Emphasis is on the inventive use of type and typography throughout the whole creative process, from concept to application. Students merge traditional typographical aesthetics with current electronic technologies, developing typographical solutions for print, digital, and corporate identity assignments.

I don't think I'm going to try to take Print Production, so that leave me with a Tues 1-4:40 or a Weds 1-4:40. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let me adjust my schedule enough to leave early on two days... For my second class I will fill in with one of the non-graphics classes that is required (Painting, Speech or Psychology) Each of these has at least one night session available, so this will entail only leaving work early the one day which can be easily made up on the other days. Let's cross our fingers that management goes for it.

Hmmm. But if I could talk them into letting me out early two days... Work M 7-5:30, T 7-12, W 7-12, H 7-5:30, F 7-5:30
Right now I am working 8-4:30
Of course if I did work out the schedule for two days I would be taking 3 classes instead of two and I would be a very tired & cranky Sharon. I think that this semester I'd best just stick with trying to talk them into letting me get the one afternoon. If they say yes I just have to decide if I want to take the Layout & Design, the History, or the Typography. Well, I can think about it tomorrow. It's bedtime!

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