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It's a random thoughts stealth post...

Long boring day at work because I'm an idiot. I have a doctor's appt w/ my Ritalin dealer at 4:20. My normal time to leave is 4:30. So, I'd let them know I was gonna adjust my shift for today to work at 7:30 instead of 8:00 & then leave at 4:00. Here comes the idiot part... I got to work at 8:00. Settled in, started working, looked at my calendar. Yup, I forgot to come in early. So the solution to avoid attendance issues was for me to work through lunch. (normally not allowed, but they make exceptions once in a while) So today I have work I hate & I'm crappy at AND I don't get my 1/2 hour to relax.

Software update at work over the weekend. When I come in on Monday I'll have XP & Office 2003 instead of Win95 & Office 97. So before I leave today I'll have to take care of things like exporting my bookmarks.

I've got the cutest l'il gargoyle pen holder on my desk right now! It was my Christmas present from LuckyCharm13. I couldn't even give her crap about taking until April to get my gift to me, since we still have RhesusMonkey's sitting on the table at home...

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