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Well, I just spent a completely unproductive few hours! :)
I threw the Gilmore Girls disc from Netflix in the DVD player & started playing American McGee's Alice on the laptop. Next thing I knew, the DVD was done and I had killed an end-level monster. I've finally gotten past the point in the game I'd gotten to back when I was playing on the PC, so it's all new to me now.

It's a very very good thing I don't have to get up early tomorrow to work! I took a vacation day so I can do homework. I'll probably spend a fair portion of the day down in the basement. I'll have to get out at some point though because me & Lump are really overdue for an expedition to PetSmart!

I didn't realize how much I had gotten used to not having a ? / key until it got put back on. Now everytime I type that and my finger hits the key I start feeling around for the spot with no key. It's good to break some habits; hopefully it won't take too long.

My grade in photo is slowly creeping it's way up! I started out the semester getting about a C. Then it was a high C/low B. Now I am very solidly at a B with a chance at an A, depending on my final project. It's a minimum of 5 prints and I've been to the zoo enough in the last few weeks that I'm not going to have any problem getting way more than 5.

Well, 3 am. I'm done slaying Wonderland critters for the night. Guess I better go to bed. Got lots of photo printing to do tomorrow.

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