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I'm on a quick break from the darkroom...
Gonna run to PetSmart w/the Lump cat and also drop off hellbob's drycleaning that we apparently discussed this morning, while I was asleep!
Then it will be back into the basement for me!
genevra, I don't know if you've seen mesmericone's post yet, but This seems much more up your alley than mine. Ya wanna drop her an email if you're interested?

This story about Microsoft employees & iPods is a couple months old, but I just saw it for the first time and it made me giggle.

wiredferret was talking about cover songs in a post & I was thinking about the ones I've got and realised that I really love cover songs, especially when it is a song I know (duh, otherwise why would you care that it's a cover) and the new version is pretty different.

I need more cover songs on my iPod.
Okay minions, tell me what cover songs you love, what cover songs you hate, what cover songs I absolutely must try to find copies of!

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