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Weekend review

Friday, right after work, I headed up to Grand Casino Hinkley with a couple women from work. The plan was to win money... I didn't, but it was still a lot of fun!
Then I spent part of the evening packing for Sat/Sun.
Bright & early Saturday morning, Rick dropped me off at his sister's house and the two of us headed to Auntie Mary Lou's cabin in Wisconsin. It was girl's weekend with all of the women in the family (including kids that were over 10 years old). We spent a couple hours stampin' to make cards for Grandma. She just loves homemade cards, so now she has a bunch of them for mailing to her kids. We also went for a walk by the lake, had steak for dinner, and talked about the men, since they weren't there. Rick's cousin Annette who lives in Seattle was even there! Then, at night, we all changed into our jammies and settled in to watch Sweet Home Alabama, which was a fun, cute chick movie. Perfect for girl's night! Then we all staked out our spots to sleep (Mary Lou & Luann got the beds, due to being the mom, and being the pregnant one). After a lovely breakfast Julie & I hit the road fairly early. She missed her kids!
It was a very nice weekend, and Rick has a really great family. Hard to believe I've already been a part of it for 10 years!

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