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The weekend's over already?

Too short. But aren't they all?

Friday afternoon was my get out of work early day, so I grabbed the camera and headed on over to St. Paul and the Como Zoo to get some more pictures for my final project. I always forget how much I don't like Como. The polar bears always just pace the same patterns over & over. The gorilla just plain looked sad. The zebras & giraffe weren't outside (probably a bit too chilly) so they were in this tiny little building with the WORST smell ever, cuz yeah, big animals/little building.

That being said, I did get several good images that I'll be using for my final project. Couldn't have gotten them if I hadn't brought my tripod because they were all taken inside the buildings with shutter speeds of no faster than 1/2 second.

Como is such a challenge for me to shoot because I don't like to see any "zoo" in my pictures. I don't wanna see fences or anything like that. But I got a pretty good picture of one of the little old man monkeys. Tamarin, I think it's called. Cute little dark brown guys with white moustaches. I also got a really good close up of a male lion sleeping. It was pretty dark, but I could do a 2 second exposure because since he was sleeping and all he wasn't moving.

I've still got to get some more pictures printed because the minimum for this project is 5, but that's not gonna get ya an A. I've also got to pick up some mat board & dry mount tissue because they've all got to be dry mounted before class on Wed. I've got vacation on Tues & Wed so I'll just head on over to campus early on Tues to try to get in the mounting room.

Saturday afternoon was Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Me & hellbob met Mark & nicepersonality at the Southdale theater. lucky13charm didn't get to go because she got stuck going to a baby shower for a friend of a friend instead. :( The movie was good! I really liked it. I haven't read the books in forever, but it had a lot of the key stuff I remembered. That was totally not how I had pictured Zaphod's second head though. The movie was followed up by good food & good conversation at the California Pizza Kitchen.

After getting home on Saturday I started doing homework while hellbob & Mark went on a beer run. While they were gone kaldeth dropped off Boy Child & Younger Girl Child so we could babysit. Some silly story about not leaving kids at home while mom goes to a wedding and dad goes to work... Being the good babysitters that we are we plunked one down in front of the Playstation & one in front of the computer. Poor Lump hates kids. She just doensn't understand why we would let them into the house!

I got a preliminary design done for my Illustrator final project. It's probably not the final design genevra will end up using for a logo, but it's definitely enough for class!

Sunday was spent finishing that up, procrastinating by reading fiction on the web, and then heading down to the darkroom to develop those Como pictures & get a bunch of 8x10s printed for that final project.

Now it's Monday morning & I have to go to work... ugh.

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