August 15th, 2002


Thai it, you'll like it...

Hellbob & I just got home from the neighbors. They made dinner for us & another couple cuz we fed their cat for them & their other friends drove them to the airport. They cooked Thai!! Yum yum yum. A bit hotter than I am used to, but yummy nonetheless! Chebutykin was home when we got home. I assumed she would be at RhesusMonkey's with the dogs, or we would have come home to fetch her! It's nice having good neighbors. Steve & Tammy are pretty cool. And Steve can mix one hell of a drink. It's a good thing we never have to drive home from there. After some parties just finding the gap in the bushes between our back yards is tough!
I finally got to the club this week! I did their fitness yoga class. It's different than other yoga I've done, but all those stretches felt soooooooo good. I definately need to get in a workout routine again.
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