August 25th, 2002



You'd think that with the sheer volume of photo negs I have I could find a decent picture of me to print up!! I need to get HellBob to use the camera more because I like hiding behind the lens too much. Now, when I need one, I can't find a picture of myself that is both a) just me and b) not hideous. Finding a good one of HellBob is easy, cuz I'm always taking his picture. I may just have to have HellBob shoot some pictures of me. At least the darkroom is finally done so I can just develop & print them myself. I really need to go spend a couple hours just working in there. But it's so hard when it is sooooo gorgeous out! I think I've got just about every weekend booked until the end of September!
Puppies!!! My friend Tom is giving his daughter a puppy for her birthday, now that him & his wife finally have a house. I get to keep it at my house for a day or two! He is getting it from a woman I work with who lives way out in Cokato (it is so far west of the Twin Cities that it is long distance. I kept expecting to see a "Welcome to South Dakota" sign on the way out there!) and so I'll pick it up some time Labor Day weekend & keep it at my house til' that Tuesday morning when Tom picks it up. Puppy!!!!! I love puppies!!!!
It is soooooo cute the way that Tom is planning to surprise Anna. They have a bunch of rabbits hopping through their neighborhood so Tom told Anna that if she can catch one she can keep it. So she made a rabbit trap with a box held up with a stick, and a carrot. Of course she probably won't catch any rabbits with it, but on her birthday when Tom wakes her up & tells her she caught something she'll go out there and find a puppy in her rabbit trap. Then we have to hope she comes up with a good name & not something stupid like Pikachu...
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